Why blog?

There are two things that I want to accomplish throughout my PhD: to develop as a researcher, and as an individual. Those two goals are multi-faceted, but blogging supports both of them. So, why do I want to blog?

  1. To document my research process. Most often the output of scientific research is presented as a complete story or a major breakthrough. The years of work, the side-line inquiries, the mistakes and dead-ends don’t get much attention. I think it’s important to recognize the imperfections and difficulties in research, not just the results.
  2. To highlight the uncertainties and debate in science. Researchers are human, and the scientific method does not automatically produce Truth. There is rarely consensus, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions.
  3. To improve my writing and to make writing a habit. To share my writing in an open forum that exposes it to comment or criticism.
  4. To practice clear communication.
  5. To participate in a community outside of my institution and the people I interact with daily. This really means reading other blogs, and commenting on them.
  6. To become more confident in sharing my ideas, despite the terror of being laughably wrong. This is the most important reason to me – without facing discomfort, we stagnate.

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